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So it's been almost 1 year since I last updated this community (and even my own lj) .___.
Not that I lost interest in our dear Yuta but after not being able to watch Ninmyu even though I waited for it for sooo loooong I kinda not felt any motivation for fandom anymore TT BUT now I feel better about it and I thought I'll try to update this comm' more from now on. But I need to know if there are still people interested in the comm/Yuta (I really hope so at least for Yuta ;;) that's why I would like you guys to post a comment if you are still interested ! Thank you in advance ♥ (oh and if someone has been able to record Ninmyu I'm still interested TT)

Sorry again for the lack of updates orz
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Sorry guys for being late again ! My bad connection and my lack of free time are the culprits ><

First, Yuta will be very active during the beginning of this year ! Here are the butais he will be playing in !

愛しのダンスマスター」/ Aishi no Dance Master

■Dates : March 26~March 30
■Place : Yorozu Gekijô

More infos on the homepage here !

サンダービートで踊らせて」/ Thunderbeat De Odorasete

■Dates : March 26~March 30
■Place : Yorozu Gekijô

More infos on the homepage here !


「覇権DO!!~戦国高校天下布武~」/ HakenDO!! Sengoku Kôkô Tenka Shinobu

Date:May 01~May 06
Place:Sasazuka Factory

More infos on the homepage
here !

In other news, Yuta had a little appearance in the drama "Sanpiki no Ossan" on January 17 !

A very short and useless scene but it's always nice to see him on tv ! :D

You can watch it HERE ! (Yuta's moment is starting from ~21:57 !)

And then I have a special request for you all ! Because of some reasons, I'm unable to buy Nintama Rantarou Musical broadcasted on NicoNico (;__;) Since I really really would like to watch it, if some bought or will bought it soon, can you please leave a message here or send me a DM ? I'll be very grateful and of course I can pay/etc for it ! Thank you so much in advance !

31 December 2013 @ 06:42 pm

Here I am with a little entry to wish you all guys all the best for this year !

Thank you to everyone who helped this community by posting entries or just even by commenting here !

Let's all support our dear Yuta this year too !

And to end this post, here is a little .rar file containing every selcas Yuta posted on twitter (392 pics), on his blog (34 pics), and all his vines from 2013 (5 videos) ! Hope you'll guys enjoy it ;D

Once again happy new year everyone !!

16 December 2013 @ 08:51 pm

I'm sorry for the late update (I'm so busy lately ;;) but Yuta did a twitcast some days ago !
He recorded it for people that couldn't attend the live broadcast !!!

HERE it is !

18 November 2013 @ 11:29 pm

People already following Yuta on twitter probably already have noticed it but Yuta made a VINE account !

For people who don't know it, Vine is a mobile app' that allow users to made short (6 seconds) videos and to share them on the app' or on twitter !

If you have a VINE account, you can follow him here : vine://user/1014223630571556864 You have to copy this link in you phone's web browser and it should open in your VINE app' ! Anyway he seems to post all his vines on twitter for the moment, so you can also check them there !

He posted 2 vines for the moment (well he just started today so), but he is so cute (especially in the last one) that we just can hope he will use it often :


Yuta and the other members of the (Ninja School's) 4th Year made an introduction video you can watch in streaming HERE !

If someone wants me to upload the video in order to dl it, just let me know :D


It has been announced that Yuta will play in Nintama Rantarou Musical this year again !

The butai will last from January, 8 to January, 24 2014 at Sunshine Theater in Tokyo !

Tickets will last from October 22 to October 29 with a price of 6300yens ! The general sale will start from November 24.

If you need more infos do not hesitate to ask me !

Such a great news for Yuta who loves Nintama Family so much \(^o^)/

18 October 2013 @ 09:02 am
was planning to wait for my friend who got me Neburenu's goods to send my stuff before posting, but there's been some delay so i'll share this first ^^

Tower Boys' September photoset O/ (sorry they arent great scans ><)

Read more...Collapse )
in addition i have 1 extra set of the previous set (the Aug one as shared by indoua)
going at 10USD (including shipping by regular air mail and paypal fees ^^)
please let me know if you're interested~
Some of you probably already know it but I'll be in Japan during all the month of August and be quite busy during, I think, the 1st half of september. What mean that I will be less fast to update this comm' during this time... Please forgive me (><) But I'll try my best to let you guys updated with Yuta's latest news ! And I'll post a report of 'Neburenu Machi no Oujisama' show I'll be attending on August 29 and maybe (I hope so) a report of Yuta's appearance in BACS Award! 2013, the show I'll try to attend on August 5th !

Thank you for your understanding and don't forget you guys can also update this comm' ! Everything is welcome including fanarts and so on...

I wish you guys to spend a good summer and don't forget to love and support our Yuta ♥
28 July 2013 @ 02:28 pm

It has been announced Yuta will appear as a guest in BACS Award! 2013, in the official website we can read there will be a 'live' of the Neburenu Machi cast but we don't know what it will be exactly yet !
The show will be on August 5th and 6th but Yuta will be guest in August 5th's show only !

It's still unconfirmed but I'll try to attend the show ! So I'll post a report here :p